How We Started

BRZY began from an idea. We all need the occasional reminder to breathe, slow down and experience life. And that's where BRZY comes in.

We wanted to create a drink that would remind people to step back and relax. But more than that, we wanted a drink that would remind people that life is about more than the hustle, bustle and grind. It's about connection, and it's about enjoyment.


Where We Are

We created BRZY for connection, for people, and for a break from the chaos. And we're happy to see just how far we've come.

Since it's creation we've wanted BRZY to be more than a drink. We wanted it to be a lifestyle. And now, it's become a part of our customers' lives. Whether you're a cannabis lover or a health conscious human, BRZY is a way of life. We were inspired by the idea of taking a break, and we're happy that you are too.


Our Mission

BRZY is people-first, cannabis second. We want to build connections and experiences. We want to be with you at the end of your day, when you need to unwind.

But we also want to explore. Whether it's new flavours, ideas or experiences, BRZY wants to expand horizons.

Above all else, we are kind and compassionate. We're here for you, whoever you are.

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